What Is Ransomware?

What Is Ransomware?
Types of Ransomware 
Ransomware Timeline
SCRUTINIZE “Why attacks of Ransomware can’t be stopped or skyrocketing?”
Module Progress of Ransomware from disk wiper, Extortion, double extortion to RaaS model.


Infection Vectors:-  Phishing and Email Attachments ,Embedded Hyperlinks, Websites/downloads, and Drive-by Infections  and how to stop/prevent with such attacks
Common Exploit Kits Are Used in Ransomware attacks
Techniques and tactics used by Ransomware group
Command and Callback (C&C) and Indicators of Compromise 

Ransomware Responder

Defending / Detecting/ Containing  an Ransomware Attack 
Ransomware operations & technical task involved
Lessons Learned and Incident Response Plan


Ransomware Victim’s companies names? Do some Google, web-scrapping & OSINT search for known and unknown names of companies.
Ransomware Attack Simulation and Adversary to follow during Ransomware attack
Helping organization for sanitization during Ransomware attack.

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The write-up should be free of plagiarism.
Write no more than 10 Pages and information should be relevant to the topic.
Focus more on technicality & use Infographics wherever needed.
Sent the write-up to your designated Team Leader for review before final submission.
Mention the source of your research at the end of the Abstract.