Scaffolding and imitation | English homework help

This week’s assignment is going to focus on imitation and understanding writing voice. This will be done in three parts. The first part of this assignment will be to complete the scaffolding exercise outlined in the textbook (p. 56). You will select a poem (this can be of your choosing or one of the poems in the book) and scaffold it in a similar fashion to the scaffold in the text (Note: Poem must be at least 15 lines long) using your own word choices.
The second part of this assignment will be to work on imitating the voice of prose. Select either Scarpa’s “I Go Back to Berryman’s” (p. 65) or Painter’s “The New Year” (p .69) and reread it. Then, using that piece as a template, attempt to write your own story while trying to capture the voice of the author. Think about the choices that the author is making while you do this (you should do this for about 10-15 minutes, but at least make sure it is a page long).
The third part of this assignment will be to provide a reflection for the two first parts. Think about the two different exercises. What did you learn? How did it feel to try and capture the different voices of these writers? Why do you feel the authors made the choices that they did? What prompted you to make the choices that you’ve done here? Were you surprised by anything? What have you learned about your own voice? What authors have inspired you and whose voices you’d like to imitate?