Rogers communication case study | Business & Finance homework help

Based on the content provided on the previous pages about Rogers Communication, answer the following questions. Include the question with your answer below in your submitted assignment.

How important is vision in business? Explain the role of vision in the case of Rogers Communication.
Using examples from the case study, describe how Rogers Communication has remained current and up to date with the latest technology.
Research the background to “the most expensive mistake” Rogers ever made. Provide a brief (1-2 paragraphs) description of the details of that business venture.
What’s a hostile takeover? What factors determine why and how a hostile takeover is the appropriate strategy for business growth?
Rogers has, for the most part, remained a Canadian company. Based on research, explain why you think it has chosen to maintain a more national presence and not expand into the international market.
Rogers Communication is a domestic company. Sometimes in this global world we think domestic companies are less successful, ingenious, or exciting than multinationals. Has this case study of Rogers Communication changed your opinion of that widely held perception?
Based on the history of the company and the content you have reviewed so far in this course about the future of technological trends and the economy, what areas or industries do you think Rogers will expand into next to stay relevant and competitive? What would you recommend to the leaders of this organization to consider for future business operations and expansion?

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