Paying 15 $ for a well written essay on a 10 pg. journal,

 You will write a summary of the journal I posted, emphasizing the article’s argument (or thesis statement) and its supporting points (evidence). In your report you should include such information as: What is the article’s argument? How does the author support this argument? Does she use evidence culled from a close reading of the text, or by relating the text to historical or cultural events? Or all of these things? Structure this inquiry according to short essay format, using a thesis statement and supporting paragraphs to explain the article you’ve chosen. Ultimately, how would you refute or further the argument you’ve just explained? Be sure to strategically use quotations from the article and the primary text to support your explication. Remember to pay close attention to the author’s rhetorical moves: how does she make her point sound compelling? What kind of evidence is used (textual, historical?), and how is it situated within the essay to make the argument seem as convincing as possible? This should be 1-2 pages in length, and due to me, via email, before class on the day we do the reading in question. Finally, make sure to format your citations in MLA format.