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Handling Sales Resistance
Brenda recently returned from a two week training session that focused on how to handle sales resistance and how to earn commitment. Brenda has become quite familiar with the ADAPT questioning system and knows she must use assessment questions to allow the buyer to describe their present situation. She has also developed a pretty good set of discovery questions that helps her identify the buyer’s pain and problems. Her challenge has been what to do with this information. Whenever Brenda attempts to use features and benefits to make her case, she encounters a myriad of objections. Brenda knows she has great products and service, but she has not been able to communicate this effectively to her prospects.
The objection she hears most often is: “I’ve never heard of your company, how long have you been in business?” If that is not bad enough, she heard the following objections in just one morning:
“I’m not sure I am ready to buy at this time, I’ll need to think it over.”
“Your company is pretty new; how do I know you’ll be around to take care of me in the future?”
“Your price is a little higher than I thought it would be.”
“Your company was recently in the news. Are you having problems?”
and finally,
“I think your company is too small to meet our needs.”
Brenda hears most of these objections right after she attempts to earn a commitment. She is now getting a little gun shy about asking her prospects for the order.
Brenda is sitting at her desk trying to figure out what to do next and she is not exactly sure how to proceed.
The QUESTION that I need you to answer it is :

Brenda appears to have an advantage with her products and services. Develop a plan for Brenda to overcome the sales resistance she is receiving.