Middle america current event analysis powerpoint presentation

The current event analysis presentation allows you an opportunity to dig into a current event that has happened in Middle America (Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands) in the last 90 days and analyze it from a geographic perspective.  
1) Find an article that shows a geographic event that has taken place in Middle America (mainland or island countries.)  This event should have geographic significance and should allow you to answer each of the impact questions listed below in step 3.  (5 points possible)
2) Using this attached PowerPoint presentation: MACEAP.pptx, summarize the event that occurred in 3-5 short bullets.  All bullets in this slideshow should be written in 3rd person and be consistent in form. (5 points possible)
3) Next analyze the event across 4 slides; maps, images, and/or other photos should be inserted on each slide to add interest to the presentation. Explain each response in 3-5 short bullets on each slide:

Short-term Impact on the Local Area
Long-term Impact on the Local Area
Overall Impact on Middle American Realm (consider the impact on the country the event occurred in and/or other countries in the Middle America that will be impacted by this event)
Global Impact on Other Realms (be specific and name other countries outside of Middle America that will be impacted by this event)

(20 points possible)
4) Presentation should showcase a good geographic understanding shown by various vocabulary terms from the textbook and should consider the political, cultural, social, economic, or environmental impact of the event.  Bullets should be written at an academic level that is adequate of a 2000-level course, with correct spelling and grammar used.   (5 points possible)
5) Final slide in presentation should be a References slide.  Minimum of 3 academic references required, the textbook may be one of the sources used.  References for photos and images used don’t count towards the 3 required sources.  All references must be in APA format.  (5 points possible)
Total of 40 points possible for total assignment