Global climate change | Environmental science homework help

Many if not most of the topics that you studied in the eText and tackled in the discussions and labs are, or will be directly or indirectly impacted by the myriad effects of climate change.  At this point in the course, you should be able to assess the various predictions from the climate models and mesh them with what you have already learned to fashion a credible assessment of our planet’s future.
Prepare yourself for this discussion by studying the relevant material presented in the two websites linked below. Most of the living scientists who have received the Nobel Prize are members of the first organization in the list. The second two federal agencies are two of the most respected in this country and world. Amazing that our country will listen with rapt attention to everything that NASA has to say about outer space, but ignore what they say about climate change.
You are encouraged to research the Internet for other climate change related sites and don’t skip ScienceDaily
For your initial post, please respond to the following questions in separate paragraphs:

Describe 2-3 pieces of evidence from the science literature that humans are causing climate change to accelerate. 
What specific impacts do the current climate change models predict globally and which of them, if any, appear to be occurring already?
What role does the ocean play in the climate change scenario?
What sorts of impacts are predicted for Colorado if the climate change models are correct?

In your initial post, please provide 3-4 references in APA format and use in-text citations.