ENG 334 Citrus College Information Pertinent to Your Proposal Problem Essay

Write a one-two page letter of inquiry to a real or fictional company requesting information pertinent to your proposal problem. It can be a request for more information, to clarify a point, or to ask a question about the specifics of your proposal problem; however the letter MUST have an inquiry aspect. Follow the criteria for writing letters of inquiry and follow the letter format as set out by Unit 1. Use page 167 in your text as a model.REMEMBER – your letter must have an inquiry or question aspect to meet the parameters of the assignment! In addition to the sample in your text, here is a link other, similar examples:As you can see below i have come up with my proposal problem The overall distribution of information at my company has to change a lot of hands before being put in the proper ones. I believe there are better ways of cataloging information that would steam line the exchange of information and allow others to input theirs as well. This problem effects everyone on a daily basis. There would have to be a complete policy change in order for the system to work.