Can you help me with two assignments?

To prepare:

Review the following in the Learning Resources, and think about the key comprehension factors for designing reading instruction:

CCSS or your state standards in the area of reading comprehension, from the Common Core State Standards Initiative resource
Framework for Literacy Instruction document
Cognitive Elements of Reading webpage

Review comprehension lessons from the ReadWriteThink website, and select one lesson for grades 4–6. Evaluate the lesson for specific metacognition and comprehension strategies used.
Please note, the MSED rubric for discussions, blogs, and journals states, “Initial post exceeds expectations of assignment requirements by addressing all required components and refers to resources and/or responds to others.” In an accelerating course where blogs are turned in Day 7 of the week, students may only earn “advanced” if they include resources to support their work, as it is not expected that students will respond to others in the blog format.

By Day 7 of Week 4
To complete your Blog Post, write 1–2 pages on the following:

Demonstrate how to design literacy lessons that explicitly support metacognition through the use of comprehension strategies. Present the lesson you selected as an example and explain specific ways that it supports comprehension. Also explain how you would modify the lesson to enhance its use with students in grades 4–6.
Add persuasive strength to your writing by sharing insights you gained from the Module 3 Learning Resources, as well as relevant anecdotes and examples from your own teaching experience.
Give your Blog a title that would interest others in reading it.