Aveda Institute Chicago Facebooks Cryptocurrency Libra Paper

BLOCKCHAIN FOR FINANCE & BUSINESS – FINAL PAPER Objective: To analyze one existing blockchain platform (token application, ICO, or cryptocurrency).FINAL PAPER REQUIREMENTSThe final paper and presentation is your last assignment in the course. The objective is to provide in-depth analysis of one blockchain application. The final paper will demonstrate your knowledge of a single use case. You will also present your final analysis to the class. Your final paper must cover the five bullet points below in order to receive a full grade. The final grade will be based on your analysis and class presentation. The questions below may help during the research process. 1. Use cases a. What real world problems does the application solve? Is the application agnostic or industry specific? Why does the application require the blockchain?2. Unique features a. What is the unique value proposition? How does application differentiate from current offerings? Is there a benefit for decentralized applications?3. Potential vulnerabilities a. What threats can you anticipate from hackers? What level of security does the application provide? What security features does the application provide? Is there a third-party involved?4. Scalability considerations a. What are the limits to the application? When does the application experience challenges? How many transactions can the application handle per second?5. Regulations a. Are there any governmental threats? How does the application enhance regulatory compliance issues (KYC/AML)? Does the application protect users or investors?