What impact do you think Ethnic Studies has had on its students, or society, over the past 50 years

Please attach some pictures links and cite references to download it later with the essay and i will ULPOAD THE BOOK as reverences for your editing through whatsapp Final Exam Prompt: Two Options Option1: Now that you have completed this course, what do you think is the most important topic/issue that you learned and you want other people to know about in our society/your community and why? What impact do you think Ethnic Studies has had on its students, or society, over the past 50 years (use evidence from the course to support your arguments)? Option 2: Prepare a presentation that addresses one of the two prompts below 1) What is the difference between the law and justice? Using historical and contemporary examples compare the experiences of two minoritized communities in your argument. What kind of social justice is needed to heal the wounds of racism and injustice in the U.S.? Your task is to demonstrate your understanding and critical analysis of the course material through this final exam. Students will EACH need to cite at least 4 of the assigned readings from after the midterm and have 5 key terms that relate to your topic (if you collaborate this is multiplied by the people in your group). Each student must select 5 key terms that you will use to guide and organize your final project. These key terms can come from any of the readings and be taken directly from the course material. The key terms can be any terms from the reading or lectures. For example, these can be events, ideologies, policies, theories and people from the reading to connect to your topic to show how the past informs the present, use the course material as evidence for your argument. Define all key terms and cite where they come from. Each student must cite at least 4 of the assigned readings (you can use up to 2 from before the midterm if you need but at least 2 must be from after the midterm). Create/curate (either individually or in group) a presentation, an art piece, podcast, short video, magazine, website, zine, or interview someone. Consider when selecting a topic: How does your project demonstrate your understanding of the prompt and answer it? If you are struggling to include the 5 key terms or citations into your creative project (say you create a painting or something like that) then you will also submit a short 1 page write up where you explain how your creation connects to the key terms (define them) and class and how you meet the rest of the requirements.