What are the discussions and the literature surrounding managing sustainability?

I??????????????????????n this assignment you are being asked to identify what has been significant for you in terms of your learning in this module, and what affect this learning has had on you, may have on future choices and how it is operationalised within your wider stake holding roles.• What have you learnt?• What are the discussions and the literature surrounding managing sustainability?• Reflect upon its significance/ challenges/ the debates?• How will you use what you have learnt?This means your work will discuss what was covered in the sessions and what you have learned from reading and elaboration, and that you are able to be appropriately critical and reflective of the learning and accumulated knowledge (it is not a critique of the teachers style or level of enjoyment). You must engage with the topic (x 3)NB – In order to be able to reflect effectively on your learning journey, you will need to make notes of your thoughts and feelings about issues raised in, and associated with, the module. You will also need to reflect upon key areas of debate and discussion which prompted these thoughts and emotions. You will have to go back through the lecture and seminar notes, interpret and understand them and the issues under discussion. This should be done at numerous points in the module.It is recommended that you consider THREE (3) of the areas of study. How do you action and build upon your learning experience?Assignment 1: Your Individual Reflective needs to be submitted through, Turn-it-inDeadline Time: 14.00pmDeadline Date: 26th August 2022.Word Count: 2,500 words (+ or – 10%). – Microsoft WordAssessment GuidelinesBasic framework checklist• Have you identified THREE areas for discussion / reflection?• You can write this assignment in report or essay style• Your style will mix approaches – academic and personal reflection, so a mixture of 1st and 3rd person writing may be appropriate• You can (if you wish) u??????????????????????se a reflective theoretical perspective to frame your discussion…Kolb…Gibbs…Schon ??• Identify key texts / resources to support and understand the issues associated with each subject (if you check lecture notes, hover over and check for hyperlinks where they exist as they might be useful sources of information)• Think of this assignment as part literature review of the 3 topics• Proof read, work on grammar / punctuation, margin alignment, paragraph space paragraph, subtitles, font choice consistency /size• A cover sheet (your choice) with name and number.In each area you might think in the following terms [not necessarily in this order]• What was the area under discussion and how was it contextualised (see lecture and seminar schedule framework for reference)?• Can the issue / theme / subject be contextualised within the SDG framework?• In general terms (not the actual discussion) how does the discussion / subject matter develop and what were the key questions which emerged, and may have emerged subsequently• In terms of the questions and issues raised, reflect upon their repercussions for you, business and the wider community / environment.• What theoretical / conceptual underpinning can you add? Are there competing views on the subject and how the issue might be tackled? (Make sure it is up to date where necessary)• How did your engagement with the subject matter make you feel and subsequently how have you (will you) reflected or acted upon it (personally, professionally, career wise, choices you make)? Action plan ?• How has your learning / learning journey evolved during the course of this module ?In total, what did you learn, have you reflected and acted upon your learning?References and Structure• Your assignment should be Harvard Referenced and show a range of sources. This includes all data used throughout.• Please ensure that you structure your report appropriately and check your?????????????????????? use of spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout.