UOPX Characteristics of Critical Thinker Presentation

Imagine you are a communications manager for an urban school district. You have been asked to give a presentation to high school seniors who are getting ready to vote for the first time. You will be advising them on how to use their critical thinking skills to evaluate the sources they use to learn about the election and the candidates.Create a 10-slide presentation with substantive, corresponding speaker notes for each slide (this means you will have information/images on each slide as well as a speaker note for each slide that reviews what is on the slide and adds more information corresponding to it)Include the following information:Explain how media has affected elections and/or geopolitics from either the United States or anywhere around the world.Reflect on the sources you use for information and how they may impact your beliefs.Provide a list of at least 3 sources that you use or have used in the past and evaluate them on accuracy, credibility, fairness.Discuss what you do and/or can do to ensure that you are accessing accurate and valid information.