TAMUC Please answer below question

Question 1:You have a résumé which you have prepared already. Now that you have considered the professional skills within the SFIA framework, you should be able to assess the skills that you have used and demonstrated in your internship. Select the 3 top skills that you have now applied in your work, and describe these using the SFIA terminology.How could you incorporate these into your resume and relate these to your internship and current experience?You should write about ½ to 1 page.Respond to 2 posts from your classmates, identifying their SFIA skills and providing constructive feedback to each.Question 2Your Cover Letter is the first part of a job application that a prospective employer will look at.How do you think that you could improve your current Cover Letter to ensure that a job application that you prepare will ‘stand out from the pile’.You should write about ½ to 1 page.Select the responses for 2 of your colleagues and discuss how your responses are similar or different to theirs. Can you suggest any improvements for each of these colleagues?Question 3You should write at least 200 words on something you have learned this week that may include:what you have learnedwhat is happening in your internship or workplacehow you are relating what you have learned to what is happening in your workplaceother aspects of your professional developmentan article you have readan event that you have attendedsomething that may have happened in the workplace that has resulted in your learning about our different workplace culturean interview you had, or a presentation you may have given.