“Social Responsibility and Communication at Ben and Jerry’s”

Watch this video titled “Social Responsibility and Communication at Ben and Jerry’s” () 5. After you have watched the video you are to write an adjustment letter that explains the brown interior of the carton, justifies the use of the new packaging material, and retains the customer’s business. How could you promote future business with this customer? Address your letter to Mr. Adam W. Johnson, 4030 West Griswold Road, Phoenix, AZ 85051 (Specific information regarding writing an adjustment message can be found in your textbook). This is a vague assignment so that you can research and figure out what is expected in this particular type of letter. One main key to the letter is that Mr. Adam’s is that he dislikes the “new” brown interior of the carton and you might want to explain why it changed (you determine why it change). One possible reason might be related to environment, as is the case these days. The rest is up to you to decide. Keep in the mind that the theme of the video has to do with “social responsibility”, thus anything related to that topic would be a good place to start when thinking about your letter. Please, check the necessary links Video: http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/c0gO0ajg/file.htmlhttp://www10.zippyshare.com/v/meT2lDMt/file.html book check chapter 6