Social Media on Self destructive Behavior Among the Youths Project

Research proposal and Research presentation. Keep in mind that this is just a proposal. As you won’t be conducting an actual study, you will not have results. You are only required to include the elements outlined in your rubric, which I have attached for convenience but is also located on your course page and in your syllabus. Those elements include Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methods Section (Participants, Materials, Design, Procedure). You do not have to include a discussion section, but you may if you would like to wrap it all up, discuss limitations of your study proposal and provide a solid concluding section. The Research Proposal SAMPLE that I provided on your course information page is more for help with formatting and structure and guidance for sections. Please be sure to carefully adhere to the actual rubric because this shows exactly where points are awarded. Also, I am often asked how many studies should be included in the literature review. You should aim to reference at least 3-5 studies in your brief literature review and more than that never hurts. Remember . . . The purpose of a literature review is to collect relevant, timely research on your chosen topic, and synthesize it into a cohesive summary of existing knowledge in the field. This then prepares you for making your own argument on that topic, or for conducting your own original research. This is how you will identify the “gap” in the research that your proposal attempts will address.Textbook(s) • Research Methods in Psychology (4th Edition) Jhangiani, Chiang, Cuttler & Leighton. Link: