SDMC The causes of Second World War Essay

Finally, the essay. Please do only the required number, and no more. Your page limit is a maximum of 4, conforming to margins and font specified above.Essays can be descriptive/narrative, comparative, or speculative. The first two types are more likely. The essay section also has a choice: select one essay question from three (possibly four) provided on the question sheet. The essay is open note, try NOT to write your essay with the text open, but use your own words as much as possible. Since all class notes, outlines, handouts, any quotes or brief notes you have made from the text or any other source are also open to you, please make full use of the information, but be very careful about acknowledging your sources when you borrow ideas or phrases. Please provide an introduction, answer each section of the essay in separate paragraphs, and provide a conclusion. Please make sure you formulate your arguments carefully, support them with evidence, acknowledge your sources, and include proper citations if you are borrowing ideas, phrases, sentences, and/or complete paragraphs from your text, the Human Record, the recommended films, and lecture notes/summaries.