How does this company compare to your selected company in regards to DEI and CSR?

In your responses to your peers, address the following questions:

? How does this company compare to your selected company in

regards to DEI and CSR?

? What suggestions do you have to improve your classmate’s

plan for their project team?


Peer 1:

Alex Anderson

Hello Everyone,

The company that I am researching is AT&T, one of the leading cellular service providers in the

nation. While researching the company’s position on DEI and CSR, I found a lot of good

information that shows a commitment to doing right by their workforce and their customers.

AT&T has a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page that not only includes details about how they

plan to continue growing their DEI program, but they also include raw data to outline the

company’s workforce. On top of providing raw data about their workforce, they have several

initiatives in place that seem to support a variety of diverse causes. One that I would like to

highlight is the pledge they signed in 2019 called “The Hispanic Promise”, which is AT&T’s

promise to “hire, promote, retain and celebrate Hispanics in the workplace”.

For my own project, I would love for AT&T to continue showing its commitment to DEI while

supporting the growth of my project. I think these initiatives are great for identifying talent that

can provide great contributions now and in the future.

AT&T also does a great job of detailing their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

AT&T has a mission to connect people and to keep them connected. The theme of connection is

spread all throughout the company’s infrastructure and policies. They commit to their mission by

promoting opportunities for access to resources for those who are underprivileged. One of the

initiatives they have is called the “Connected Learning Program”, which they leverage to support

education and help connect students to valuable resources.

The project I am working on details how AT&T can provide an upgrade to their service which

would be known as “Unrestricted Cellular Service”, something that current customers can opt

into or something that new customers can sign up for when they switch to AT&T as a cell service

carrier. The idea is to achieve a partnership with satellite providers (or potentially launch their

own), to be able to offer service in areas that are currently unreliable. I believe this service lines

up perfectly with AT&T’s mission to connect their customers by providing reliable service across

the continental United States. Competitively, this should bring new customers, especially

traveling customers that have dealt with subpar connections from other cellular service


Best regards,



Peer 2:

Epifania Hisatake

Hello, Everyone.

Dutch Bros Inc., the popular coffee chain, places importance on both diversity, equity, and

inclusion (DEI) initiatives and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs as part of its

corporate values. Regarding DEI, the company is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive

workforce, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees regardless of their backgrounds. “We

are massively proud of our employees and stand with them in the fullness of their identities,

including their race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and age” (Dutch Bros Coffee,

2023). The company works with coalitions such as The Coalition to Back Black Business, The

Association of Women’s Business Centers, and The Special Olympics to name a few (Dutch Bros

Coffee, 2023). This commitment provides recruiting and retaining a diverse team, providing

inclusive training, and promoting a workplace culture that values different perspectives.

In terms of CSR, Dutch Bros Inc. is engaged in various initiatives that support the communities it

serves and promote environmental sustainability. “Dutch Bros is taking meaningful and

measurable action in philanthropy; sustainability; and diversity, equity and inclusion to drive us

toward our vision of making a massive difference, one cup at a time” (Dutch Bros Coffee,2023).

This involves community engagement efforts, charitable donations, or partnerships with local

organizations to give back to the communities where they operate (Dutch Bros Coffee, 2023).

Additionally, Dutch Bros have sustainability programs coming soon aimed at reducing their

environmental footprint, such as recycling initiatives or sourcing ethically-produced coffee

beans, aligning their operations with broader CSR objectives (Dutch Bros Coffee, 2023).

With my service of utilizing the Monthly Mix to allow a customer to create their own coffee

every month, get free coffee for that month, and engage with them through the app will help get

more feedback. One of the threats on the company’s SWOT Analysis was that there is stiff

competition such as Starbucks and Caribou Coffee (MarketLine Dutch Bros Inc., 2023). This

service can help draw other coalitions to help raise money for certain charities and fundraisers. In

turn, it can help build more revenue and more room for growth. The monthly mix can also help

get feedback from customers to help keep up with trends, build trust with the community, and

help give back.


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