How do these sources compare with information on the chosen topic as discussed in the U.S. History textbook?

IntroductionFor this week’s assignment students will be working with a collection of primary source documents. The link in the Resources section above leads to a Library of Congress collection of primary source documents related to the home front in the United States the Second World War.Examine at least a half-dozen text-based sources; take some time and find sources with a common theme that interests you.Activity InstructionsChoose at least three primary sources with a related theme for an essay that explores some particular aspect of life for Americans on the home front during the Second World War.You are free to select a topic that interests you, but be sure to directly work with the primary source materials.Briefly (in 1-2 sentences each) summarize the primary sources you selected (include the document titles). Be sure to identify the common theme you are exploring, and select a theme that is intellectually significant (for example, superficial themes like “Americans were really patriotic” or “times were really tough back then” do not exhibit much effort – dig deeper).What do each of these primary sources indicate about the chosen topic?In what specific ways do these sources complement each other, and in what specific ways do these sources conflict with each other?How do these sources compare with information on the chosen topic as discussed in the U.S. History textbook?Stronger essays will include specific short quotes as needed to support arguments and develop a cohesive essay, while weaker essays will not utilize the primary sources and will be overly general in coverage of the topic.Stronger essays will also find a narrow topic to cover, while weaker essays will be overly broad in their topics. An example of an overly broad topic would be something like “the American home front,” while an example of a sufficiently narrow topic might be “changes in American industry during the Second World War” or “changes in gender roles during the Second World War.”Include a Reference page at the end (follow APA format to the best of your ability) with URLs for the documents. use them videos