Evaluate the impact of different roles controlling & managing the employment relationship

  Topic: Managing Employment Relations        Spacing: Double Spaced        Document Type: Resit         Urgency: Friday Midnight        Number of Pages: 13        Academic Level: University        Subject Category: HR Management        CPP: 20usd        Style: APA        Description: Attached        References: 20        Preferred Language: English USHiI have attached my resit work with the lecturer feedback in Pdf format and the guidelines in word documentThank youI have also attached a very important document for the resit assignment managing employee relationsPlease for the writer to follow through strictly.I’ve also attached the word file of the completed work that needs to be revised.Thank you  “Analysis from the latest 2011 WERS survey showed that Employment Relations played a part in ensuring the workplaces survived the recession. Critically evaluate how Employment Relations policies and practices in an organisation with which you are familiar have impacted on organisational outcomes such as organisational performance and employee engagement”.Tip: focus on one or two topics (if two look at linked ones) – otherwise not enough words (3,500) to cover in sufficient depth. NB: you can choose any aspect of ER that impacts on organisational outcomes such as discipline, grievance, dismissal, redundancy, health and wellbeing, diversity  Evaluate the impact of different roles controlling & managing the employment relationship (10-15% of word count)ManagementWhat is the role of senior management and line management?Any employer bodies that are an influence e.g. national associations?What is the management style – Purcell and Sisson? ER themes – power & authority, co-operation & compliance, which are at play?Employees What’s the impact on employees and their representatives and Trade Unions if applicable? Has feedback from employees driven a change in policy, what’s the make-up of the workforce?Are the interests of employers and employees divergent or convergent? Reality vs Rhetoric?Government What impact on your organisational context particularly e.g. relevant employment legislation, EU law, Acas early conciliation, ET fees etc.  Make appropriate recommendations on your findings (15% of word count)Linked to the previous critical evaluation and flow through answer, don’t introduce a NEW idea not mentioned earlier here.Recommendations could include but depend entirely on your organisation and findings…Omissions, what’s missing?Awareness – ER Comms?Role of Line Manager or HR in implementation e.g. training?Alignment to other policies/practices?So what? What is the business significance of good ER