Describe two or three initiatives you implemented to improve your communication skill area

In your Week 1 assignment, you outlined an Interpersonal Communication Skill Improvement Plan that you have been working on each week during the class. You took an Interpersonal Communication Skills Assessment in Week 1, and you retook that assessment in Week 5 to compare your scores, especially in the area you have been working to improve.
Restate your skill improvement goal.
· Summarize sources you found related to this goal. Reference at least one source beyond the ones in the IPC Skill Area Resources provided in Week 1. Recall that you were asked to find additional supporting resources in Week 2, and this is where you should share what you found. You should also include the resources from the Week 1 IPC Skill Area Resources and the class text in your assignment as needed, as well as in your assignment references page.
· Describe two or three initiatives you implemented to improve your communication skill area. Refer to the journal entries you made in Weeks 2, 3, and 4 of the class when writing this section.
· Describe your experience with Live Learning, including the date or dates you attended and what you heard or asked about.
· Assess your success and challenges in improving this skill area. You may wish to organize this around successes and challenges and focus partly on any surprises you encountered. 
· Identify specific goals and plans to further improve your interpersonal communication skills beyond this class, including identification of some ways in which these improvements will enhance your professional and/or personal life. Identify the resources you will refer to as you continue improving your skills. Include any lessons learned from your process so far. 
The Report on Interpersonal Communication Skill Improvement Plan Results and Future Plans final assignment,
· must be 750 words in length (not including title and references) and formatted according to APA