Describe in detail two things you might do to resolve a deficit in your budget

Question 11.       Describe in detail two things you might do to resolve a deficit in your budget.3,000 points    Question 21.       In the expenditure approach to calculating GDP, GDP = ________.  Finish the equation and provide a thorough definition of each variable.3,000 points    Question 31.       Your investment advisor wants you to purchase an annuity that will pay you $25,000 per year for 10 years. If you require a 7% return, what is the most you should pay for this investment?  Show all your work for full credit.3,000 points    Question 41.       What is the importance of measuring per capita GDP?3,000 points    Question 51.       In 2013, the US imported over $440 billion in goods from China.  Why might this number not paint an accurate picture of US trade with China?3,000 points    Question 61.       In what ways do countries benefit from trade?1,000 points (Extra Credit)    Question 71.       Average propensity to consume refers to the1,000 points    Question 81.       After the United States introduces a tariff in the market for widgets, the price of widgets in the United States will:1,000 points    Question 91.       The income statement is specific to1,000 points    Question 101.       Which of the following is included in the calculated gross domestic product?1,000 points    Question 111.       Henry has $2,500 for a down payment and thinks he can afford monthly payments of $400. If he can finance a vehicle with an 8%, 3-year loan, what is the maximum amount Henry can spend on the car?1,000 points    Question 121.       Raising a tariff on vitamin E would:1,000 points    Question 131.       The first step in the auto-buying process should be1,000 points    Question 141.       Imposing a quota on metal softball bats shipped into the United States would likely:1,000 points    Question 151.       The main reason why one nation trades with another is to1,000 points    Question 161.       Consumption is the purchase of goods and services by:1,000 points    Question 171.       The more frequently a bank compounds interest, ____ will be.1,000 points    Question 181.       Which of the following is true about underground economies?1,000 points    Question 191.       Funds in a ____ must remain on deposit for a stated time period in order to avoid an interest penalty.1,000 points    Question 201.       The largest single expenditure component of US GDP is:1,000 points    Question 211.       Mandy and Jeff have a net worth of $25,000 and total assets of $140,000. If their revolving credit and unpaid bills total $2,200, what are their total liabilities?1,000 points    Question 221.       Allowing free trade can lead to greater output because of the principle of:1,000 points    Question 231.       The Annual Percentage Yield is the same as the1,000 points    Question 241.       Final goods or services used to compute GDP refer to:1,000 points    Question 251.       Enforcement of property rights is likely to result in:1,000 points    Question 261.       Becky graduated with a master degree in Personal Financial Planning. After working two years in a small financial planning firm, Becky earns $60,000 annually and saves $10,000 a year. What is her average propensity to consume?1,000 points    Question 271.       Which of the following goals is stated in a way that is most useful for developing a financial plan?1,000 points    Question 281.       GDP equals $5 trillion. If consumption equals $3.5 trillion, investment equals $1 trillion, and government spending equals $1.5 trillion, then:1,000 points    Question 291.       The balance sheet describes a family’s wealth1,000 points    Question 301.       Which of the following is not part of GDP?1,000 points    Question 311.       Net worth is measured by1,000 points    Question 321.       In some rural regions of the United States, residents harvest much of their food supplies directly from nature by hunting, fishing, and gathering. With regard to these subsistence activities:1,000 points    Question 331.       A cash budget should help you to1,000 points    Question 341.       Which of the following is an example of an intermediate good?1,000 points    Question 351.       Government purchases, under the expenditure approach to GDP accounting, includes all of the following except:1,000 points    Question 361.       GDP equals $5 trillion. If consumption equals $3.5 trillion, investment equals $1 trillion, and government spending equals $1.5 trillion, then:1,000 points    Question 371.       Elena purchased a stamp collection for $5,000 thirty years ago. If it appreciated 8% annually, what is it worth today?1,000 points    Question 381.       Assume that Germany can produce 10 million bottles of beer or 4 million bottles of vodka. Further assume that Russia can produce 7 million bottles of beer or 3 million bottles of vodka. As a result, which of the following is true with regard to absolute and comparative advantage?1,000 points    Question 391.       Which of the following would be an appropriate savings vehicle if you expected interest rates to fall over the next few months?1,000 points    Question 401.       If interest on a savings account is compounded semiannually, the effective rate of interest will be1,000 points    Question 411.       Higher interest rates on certificates of deposit are associated with