BUNS 331 APMU Contract ID Excel

Assignment Prompt:Before starting this assignment, you will want to watch the four videos in the Reading & Resources section under Content in week 5. This week you will be using the “Contacts” database you created in Week 2 and the Queries you added in week 3 to create reports in Access. Please note that this assignment does not use the Excel databases you downloaded in week 1 and then used for your midterm exam in week 4. Complete instructions are listed below for what reports you will create in Access. If you have taken good notes on how to create simple reports using the “Report wizard,” you should have no problems with these reports.Previous Work:The queries you created in week 3 are as follows:Assignment Instructions:You will be using each of these queries to create a report with all data elements included in the Query. Add a title to each Report, using an expansion of the Query name. So the title for Report 1 would be an expansion of ContList, or Contact List Report. Insert page numbers in the footer of each page of each report.