Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems


Based on Pharmaceutical Pre-formulation and Unit processing
explain                                                                                                    1.What is pre-formulation and why is it important.

2.Write an account (with appropriate examples) on how each of the following excipient’s may influence drug absorption from the Gastrointestinal (GI)Tract. a. Surfactants                                                                                           b. Lubricants and Glidants                                                                       c. Binders                                                                                                  d. Disintegrants                                                                                      e. Viscosity enhancers / suspending

3. Draw a schematic showing the steps involved in the manufacture of  tablets.

4. Describe in detail any seven of the steps listed in part (3), including the equipment required for such a process to occur, any equations used in the development of such a process and the mechanism of action if applicable.

5 . Discuss What formulation strategy would you employ to bypass the absorption of the drug in the stomach.

4. Following tablet compression, 10 tablets were dusted and found to weigh 8.98 g. After removal from the friability tester they were dusted and re-weighed and collectively found to weigh 7.86 g. Discuss the significance of these results and suggest an appropriate method to improve them.