List the Periods of the Cenozoic from oldest to youngest

1. List the Periods of the Cenozoic from oldest to youngest.

2. What Eon do we live in today?

3. What North American orogeny continues in the Cenozoic?

4. What is the biggest Cenozoic orogeny globally, and what caused it?

5. Specifically, what structures result in the hills and valleys of the Basin and Range Province?

6. The Farallon subduction has resulted in the highest and the lowest elevations in the contiguous US. Where are these, what are their elevations and how far apart are they?

7. The age of the Grand Canyon is debated. Research the most likely age, in million years.

8. What major geologic structure marks the eastern-most edge of the Farallon deformation?

9. What type of plate boundary divides the North American Plate from the Pacific Plate?

10. Where does Farallon subduction still occur in North America?

11. In 1980 there was dramatic evidence of this subduction. What happened?

12. How long ago did the Ice Age start?

13. The Columbia River basalts occurred with the first eruption of what?

14. Write a paragraph on an extinct Cenozoic mammal. Include such details as where it lived, what type of mammal it is and when it died out. Include a picture.

15. What are the most primitive types of mammals? Are any still alive today?

16. Where do the majority of marsupials hang out today?

17. What distinguishes a hominin from other primates?

18. What 2 genera dominate the complex human family tree?

19. What other species did modern humans, Homo sapiens, co-exist with for a while?