Let us consider abc, inc., that has now grown into a large on-line

Answer the following question.
(i) One definition of survivability is: “continuing to perform in the face of various kinds of diversity.” In the context of ABC, Inc., identify what performance means, and list the types of adversity it is prone to and that should be addressed by its IT team.
(ii) ABC Inc. has two officers COO and CSO. While the COO (chief operations officer) is responsible for the overall operation of ABC Inc., the CSO (chief security officer) is responsible for the security. Both report to CEO who in turn reports to the Board of Directors and the Shareholders.
From what you have learned in this module, and from commonsense knowledge, list ways in which the objactives and goals of COO and CSO have commonalities and differences.
(iii) CEO has asked COO to prepare a list of what-if situation that he is most concerned about regarding the business activities and its survivability. This list will then be passed on to the CSO and to the  IT teams for explanation of how the current systems currently address them or how it could be done. Provide five key what-if scenarios that the COO should include in this list.
(iv) Identify and describe one emrgent property for this system.