Identify the entrepreneur’s several pain points (challenges/problem)

Prepare a report (no more than five typed, double-spaced pages)Identify the entrepreneur’s several pain points (challenges/problem)Focus on one major pain point (problem/challenge) and write a Problem StatementBrainstorm several ideas for solution (with your classmates, friends, relatives, etc.)Using a 7-1 method, explore a wide variety of divergent ideas (write down or sketch your first idea, then write down or sketch 6 more ideas that are entirely different from your first idea. If you come up with more than 7 ideas, it is even better.Using a 100 point narrowing method, select the winning idea as the potential solution. You should share your ideas with at least three people and select the winning idea based on the scores (out of 100) to avoid any kind of preconceived bias.The report will use a Design 4 Delight (D4D) Methodthis is a copy/paste of the assignment. the main part I need is the entrepreneur analysis. the one I chose is Dylan Capshaw owner of Stemistry in Scottsdale, Arizona. of his info is on his website and has had plenty of local news interviews to pull from. You can create your own “pain points” if need be. Stemistry is also on instagram. Create your own narrative for this “interview”. I did reach out to him personally for an interview but has yet to reply to my questions.  Please cancel early if this cannot be done in time.