How does your place-based identity shape your social life? Does it affect your relationships with others in the area you live? Does it shape your everyday practices or future plans in any way?

Reflecting on Place-Based Identity While many sociologists focus on the crucial role of racial and ethnic identities in shaping urban life, Jan Nijman argues that we need to pay attention to how our identities can also be shaped by our relationship to the places we inhabit. Specifically, in his analysis of Miami, he outlines three kinds of place-based identity – “local”, “exile”, and “cosmopolitan.” Each of these identities represents a very different sense of connection to the city, and has consequences for the kinds of social relations we have with other people in our local environment. In this discussion board, I want you to use Nijman’s concepts to reflect on your own place-based identity in South Florida, or wherever it is that you are currently living.In your initial post, state whether you identify as a “local”, an “exile”, or a “cosmopolitan” in the city or region where you live. Provide a clear definition of the place-based identity that applies best to you, and explain why you think it is relevant to your case. Location is Dallas, texas **Also, explore how your connection to place shapes your life and identity by considering the following questions:- If you don’t feel that your place-based identity fits any of Nijman’s three concepts, why not? You may identify as a hybrid or somewhere in between, or you might want to propose an alternative term for your own kind of place-based identity.  – How does your place-based identity shape your social life? Does it affect your relationships with others in the area you live? Does it shape your everyday practices or future plans in any way? (One way to approach this is to imagine how your life, relationships, and practices might be different if you had a different place-based identity).- How does your connection to place intersect with other aspects of your identity – like the racial or ethnic group you identity with, your nationality, or your class position?  Do you think members of other social groups you belong to have a similar or different connection to place? Why?In your follow-up post, I want you to dialogue with one of your classmates about similarities and/or differences in your place-based identities. It is worth noting that people with very different racial, ethnic, or class identities can have remarkably similar kinds of connections to the place they live. And, conversely, people with similar racial, ethnic, or class identities can have very different place-based identities. So, if you share a similar place-based identity with someone, suggest some possible reasons for this similarity. If it differs, consider some possible explanations for why that’s the case.Heres the post you can reply to :Jan Nijman Has a very strong argument,  what he says about how we have a connection with the place that we inhabit is a really well said statement. I believe that this is true and that we are affected by what we live around and what we see. It goes the same for our environment, we  play a part in what our world looks like and we can change how it is presented. Living in Fort Lauderdale my entire life, I have always grown up around fishing and the ocean. Wherever I Go I usually see the ocean because I live near it, and I work on the beach. It is part of my everyday life, I would identify as a local because where I live makes me who I am, and I  always grew up around the beach, and living with family and friends. I’ve met so many people throughout my life, the friends I have made and the jobs I have had gave me connections I never thought I would have. this is why I think I am a local because I am connected  throughout all of South Florida and I know a lot of good people.  I believe that it made me who I am, where I come from plays a big role in what I have become. I Grew up loving football and it was my dream to play football at a high level. I went to high school at Chaminade Madonna, and I was very successful there. I met a lot of very cool people and I still keep in touch with the majority of my teammates. I never saw color, only faces,  I was invited to all the cookouts and all the functions  because I love the people around me.  I always tried to be a better person and do the same for others as I would want to be done to myself. I Believe that we are all connected,  especially if you’re from South Florida.